Corporate Responsibility Principles


At Kodak, we believe that doing well by shareholders also means doing right by customers, employees, neighbors, and suppliers. With that in mind, Kodak operates its facilities, and designs and markets its products and services, not only to increase shareholder value, but also to promote development of the individual, the well being of the community, and respect for the environment.

  1. Kodak conducts its business activities to high ethical standards.

  2. Kodak respects internationally accepted legal principles, and obeys the laws of countries in which it does business.

  3. Kodak is committed to sound corporate governance. In this regard, the Company's diverse, independent Board of Directors has adopted publicly available governance principles.

  4. Kodak conducts its business activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

  5. Kodak respects the privacy rights of its employees, customers, and suppliers.

  6. Kodak promotes a work environment of equal opportunity for all employees and does not engage in unlawful discrimination. The Company´s terms of employment are voluntary and the Company prohibits the use of child or forced labor of any kind.

  7. Kodak is committed to employing a diverse work force, and to building and maintaining an inclusive work environment.

  8. Kodak maintains a safe and healthy work environment.

  9. Kodak recognizes the right of our employees to join associations of their own choosing or to refrain from joining, and the right to collective bargaining unless otherwise prohibited by law.

  10. Kodak expects that suppliers and distributors will comply with applicable laws and generally accepted standards relating to business ethics, labor and environmental protection.

  11. Kodak respects the economic development priorities of the developing countries in which it does business.

  12. Kodak maintains a philanthropic program that reflects its global corporate goals in community development, business opportunity and quality of life.